MT020 Max Tundra - Selected Amiga​/​BBC Micro Works 85​-​92

by Marvellous Tone

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    Includes liner notes by Max Tundra.

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A Side

1. Pellegrino 01:44
2. Progrock 01:26
3. Mode 92 03:03
4. Funnymix 01:18
5. Vogons 01:33
6. Thrashmetal 00:25
7. Every Chart Record 00:33
8. Agifagagi 03:24
9. Bakachika 01:18
10. Sweaty 01:09
11. Landlerscene 02:06

B Side

12. Induztrial 01:43
13. Organsolo 02:51
14. EasternDoes 00:44
15. Bodmix 02:14
16. East Feast 00:44
17. Papiergarcon 01:24
18. Bodmix 2 02:21
19. Ghostblasters 01:10
20. Safety Matches 00:43
21. Edit2 02:21
22. Flaming Chair 01:25
23. Benjamin Mountain 01:14

"I first met Ben Jacobs/Max Tundra in late 2004, when my collaborator Jonathan Saldanha and myself promoted a show for him in Porto. From the start, he struck me as a super-anti-hero (i soon started calling him "Max Thunder"), equipped with the superpowers that befit a pop star, such as a manic energy, a great falsetto and a talent for the spectacular (i remember him trying to fit his small frame into a keyboard case, and almost succeeding).
I also particularly liked the item on his tech rider that required "food and drink until he is satisfied", and soon both Max and me were talking about him in the 3rd person singular, like the royal figure that he is.
The second time Jonathan and me booked a show for him, he drank so much water that he had to rush to the bathroom at showtime ("my tummy is sick", he said) and asked for my phone number should he get lost on the way to the stage, in classic Spinal Tap fashion. He didn't get lost, and duly gave a brilliant concert. I only saw him once since then, but I continue to believe that, if the world made sense, Max would be topping the charts with pop hits about aminoacids and hiding erections with schoolbooks. Looks like there is not much sense in the world... is there?"
Filipe Silva (Soopa / H.O.M.O.)


released April 17, 2015

All songs programmed by Ben Jacobs between 1985 and 1992.
Released by Marvellous Tone cat. nr. MT020-TS0B
Limited Edition of 100 Tapes
Porto, 2015

Full digital stream at:

This is the 2nd number of a tape series released by Marvellous Tone. It's named "Tracker Series" after the basic and "primitive" method of electronic music composition used by the artists on the tracks, software like ReNoise or Fast Tracker running on Commodore.